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RFID Development/Sample Kits
RFID Solution and Software
RFID LF/HF/UHF Reader Series
LF RFID Reader - 125KHz & 134.2KHz
HF RFID Reader - 13.56MHz
UHF RFID Reader - 860~960MHz
RFID Handheld Reader / Writer
RFID Reader Module
RFID Jewelry Tag
RFID On-Metal Tags
RFID Wristbands
RFID Costume Tag / Laundry/Management
RFID Windshield Tag
RFID One-off Seal
RFID Animal Tag/Ear Tag/Animal Ring Tag/Inject Tag
RFID Asset Tracking Tag
RFID On Other Project Tag
RFID Key Fob
RFID Clear Tag & Disc
RFID Irregular Card
RFID Dual Frequency Series
RFID Label
RFID Inductance Coil
Active RFID Readers - 2.4GHz
Active RFID Tags - 2.4GHz
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LF (125KHz) RFID Portable Reader
125KHz LF Bluetooth RFID Reader DL990
LF (134.2KHz) RFID Portable Reader
134.2KHz LF Bluetooth RFID Reader DL990
Latest HF Portable Reader
Industrial PDA HF Handheld Reader DL730
USD$1180.00 USD$980.00

Latest UHF Portable Reader
Industrial PDA UHF Handheld Reader DL770
USD$1180.00 USD$999.00
Until June 15,2011
LF (125KHz) RFID Portable Reader
LF Handheld Reader - DL2800 (LF RFID Reader-04)
For PDA & Mobile phone
13.56MHz HF SD Interface RFID Reader

Bluetooth & RFID
13.56Mhz HF Bluetooth RFID Reader DL990
Handheld RFID Readers
13.56MHz Handheld RFID Reader DL8033
USD$980.00 USD$810.00
UHF Handheld Reader-HH800

Integrating Bluetooth
UHF Handheld Reader-PR500
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