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  • 13.56MHz HF Long Distance Reader DL5510

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  • 13.56MHz HF Long Distance Reader DL5510
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  • 13.56MHz HF Long Distance Reader DL5510 PDF Specification
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    Please click here for the DL5510 Series Long Range RFID Antenna.


    13.56MHz Medium RF Power Reader – DL5510A/DL5510B/DL5510C

    Working frequency: 13.56 MHz

    Working with maps: I-CODE 2

    Reading range: 10 - 40 cm

    RF Power:Over 1 Watt

    Power supply:12V DC


    1)Advanced anti-collision algorithm, high identification rate

    2)Tag processing speed 30~50pcs/s

    3)Antenna Out-Built: SMA interface to support standard 50Ohm RFID antenna

    4)Antenna Open or Short Circuit tolerance

    5)Support transparent command format

    6)Support dual tag decoding mode


    13.56MHz Midium RF Power Reader DL5510 Antenna



    Working frequency: 13.56 MHz

    Shell Material: Copper

    Support up to 3W RF power

    RF cable with SMA socket

    We can design and develop RFID Reader Antenna in different sizes and different shapes for your different requirements.

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