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  • 2.4GHz RFID Active Wristband Tag-07

2.4GHz Active Wristbands
  • 2.4GHz Active Wristbands
  • 2.4GHz Active Wristbands
2.4GHz Active Wristbands 2.4GHz Active Wristbands
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  • 2.4GHz RFID Active Wristband Tag-07
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    Featuring a special designed permanent snap closure, this active wristband can be read by using a RFID reader. It is completely ultra stretch-resistant, and can be custom printed with your logo or any image. It has become popular beyond personal tracking, students tracking and is increasingly used for event access management, including pursing application extensions and statistical monitoring purposes.



    Electrical Characteristics


    ● Static Current: <3µA

     Operating Current: <15mA, Peak Current: <40mA

     Bettery Life: <4.5 years

     Working Speed: About 5 times / 2s

    Microwave Link Characteristics


    ● Rate of Communication: Bidirectional, 1024K bits/s

    ● Operating Frequency: 2.42.5GHz

    ● Reading Distance: 80M


    Physical Characteristics


    ●  Material of Shell: PVC

    ●  Type: Read Only

    ●  Dimension: Tag: 50*30*9mm Dia. 65mm (can be adjustable)

    ●  Color: Black, others can be customized upon request

    ●  Protection Standard: Waterproof IP65

    ●  Installation: Hanging, Sticking to the Object Surface


    Working Environment


    ●  Operating Temperature: -40  +80

    ●  Operating Humidity: 85%

    ●  Storage Temperature: -40  +80

    ●  Storage Temperature: -40  +80

    ●  Shake: 10 2000Hz, 15g Three Axis

    Anti Electromagnetic Interference: 0V/m 0.1 1000MHz AM Amplitude Modulated Electromagnetic Wave

    Feature & Advantage


    1. Anti-Collision: Identify 100pcs Tags/s

    2. High Identification Rate: Up to 200km/h

    3. Identification Security: Encryption and Authentication to ensure Data Security and Prevent Eavesdropping and Data Cracking

    4. Identification Direction: Directional and Non directional Identification Available

    5. High Identification Reliability: -40  +85, Anti Shock

    6. Effective Cost: Using 0.18uM Chips lead to Lower Cost

    7. Transmission: Low Frequency and High Frequency are Global Open Microwave Band, Applilication and Charges are not needed.

    8. Anti Interface: No Special Requirements for the Various Kinds of Interference Source


    DAILY RFID is able to design and develop RFID tags and RFID readers in different sizes and different shapes for your different requirement. For more info about RFID products please kindly visit our website or email us at or , we will contact you as soon as possible.


    1. Specifications are subject to change, please pay attention to our latest one.

    2. DAILY RFID reserve the right to the final interpretation of the above terms.



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