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  • RFID Jewelry Tray

RFID Jewelry Tray-01
  • RFID Jewelry Tray-01
  • RFID Jewelry Tray-2
RFID Jewelry Tray-01 RFID Jewelry Tray-2
  • Product Name:
  • RFID Jewelry Tray
  • Product Number:
  • RFID Jewelry Tray
  •  Product Details:

    RFID Jewelry Tray

    Working frequency: 13.56 MHz

    Working with maps: I-CODE 2

    Reading range: 60- 90 cm

    RF Output Power:Over 4Watt

    Power supply:12V DC


    1)Advanced anti-collision algorithm, high identification rate

    2)Tag processing speed 30~50pcs/s

    3)Antenna Out-Built: SMA interface to support standard 50Ohm RFID antenna

    4)Antenna Open or Short Circuit tolerance

    5)Support transparent command format

    6)Support dual tag decoding mode

     7)Shell Material:Organic Glass and ABS
     8)Dimension:  420*300*28mm (Standard)
    We can design and develop RFID Jewelry Tray in different sizes and different shapes for your different requirements.


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